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Harry Potter News Community

A Weekly HP Newsletter

Harry Potter Daily News
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lostrocker and funkypunky_vivy own this community. But readers can send us any mail tips at:


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harryp_news is a weekly newsletter brought straight to your flist. We will compile the latest Harry Potter news, put it into a convenient entry, which will be posted and shown on your friend's list. It will include actor news, movie news, book news, and pretty much everything HP including pictures, which will be under lj cuts.

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Once a week, every week (we hope).

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Right here, or on your friend's list (flist).

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Because we like HP, and we spend time reading news pages anyway.

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How can I help?

If you find an interesting tidbit of HP news online, email the link to us (harryp_news@hotmail.com). You will be credited in the newsletter!

Also, pimping the community can be very helpful :) The more members the better! Tell your friends!

What qualifies as "news"?

Anything about the HP actors, the movies, the books, JK Rowling, HP merchandise, etc. all counts as news. Things like personal opinion pieces, shipper pieces, rumours, and HP trolling/baching/hate/etc. are NOT what we are looking for.

BUT! If you think you have made a really good piece of HP fanart, or a really good icon, send it to us. We'll pick out the best 5 to be posted in the newsletter! We will also except 1 editorial, so you can send those in too.

When's the next book coming out?

July 16th/05

When's the next movie coming out?

November 18th/05

Who writes the books?

J.K. Rowling

Who's Harry Potter?

...do you live under a rock?

No really, do you?

Check out here if you're serious.

Thanks everyone, and happy reading!!